Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dominican Republic day3

Today was great. I had an opportunity to take Kent and Aaron into the Batays of Santa Alicia and El Cea. We checked on the chicken projects and even visited a new batay that Pastor Bona I starting a work in. Very exciting things are happening.
We spent the rest I the day and dinner this evening talking about how @25projectorg can partner with the work here in the Dominican Republic. I love the hearts of Kent am Aaron and their deep desire to see the gospel made known to every tribe and every tongue with an emphasis on the "least of these".
This has been a very quick trip but I'm certain that the Lord is stirring our hearts to chase after all He has for us here.
We head out early to the airport. Stay tuned for more detailed information about what we feel like He is doing. Until then, enjoy these pics of the places we've been today

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dominican Republic day2

Today has been filled with some great conversations about the gospel and justice. We have been praying and dreaming big about all that the Lord may have in store for us here in the Dominican Republic.
I spent some time with an engineer here discussing the possibility o building a multi- purpose ministry facility that would one day possibly serve as a school. I shared this vision with him on our last trip. During tat trip, he gave me a basic rendering of what he thought might work well. This morning we got a call to come back to his office. Upon arrival, he handed me a copy of the blueprints of the first and second floor of the dream center. This is an answer to prayer because it gives us something to look at and use as a baseline in looking at what to do.
Okay, this is a huge deal but I have to confess that the Lord seems to be continually opening doors in that direction. We even had an opportunity to meet with the Conani during our last trip and share the vision we have. The Conani here serves as the children's advocate in the Dominican and see seemed very interested I. What we were thinking and praying about.
Today, we also went and looked at a house that could possibly serve as phase one of our dream. A house that could very well house groups that would come in and do ministry. A house that could serve as lodging for our missionary friends here. A house that could serve a the hub for our chicken project.
As you can see, there is a lot going on and we are praying in expectation of what He has for us.
It's been great having Kent and Aaron here from 25project to show them all that the Lord has been doing. Praying about how and what future partnerships could look like here in the DR.
Tomorrow, we will head to the batays where our existing chicken projects are. We will also be going to look at possible ministry opportunities in a new batay

Dominican Republic day1

Spent most of the day in the air getting here. We landed in Santo Domingo around 9:25 pm. We made it through customs and met Julio and Mercy outside.
We decided to catch sone late night pizza at one of the local pizza joints in Juan Dolio, just a few doors down from where we are staying. I had the ham and pineapple, my favorite when I'm here. Okay, to be honest, it's my favorite no matter where I'm at. However, the pineapple here is second to none. It's amazing!
Had a great time just listening to Julio and Mercy getting to know Kent and Aaron. I love hearing these guys hearts for the "least of these". So thankful that the Lord has seen fit for our paths to cross.
I love this country and these people. Can't wait to begin showing Kent and Aaron all that the Lord has been doing here. Praying for clarity and discernment on what @25projectorg may be able to partner with.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Headed back to the Dominican Republic

Sitting in the airport waiting to board flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I am taking a few guys from @25projectorg to get a glimpse of the work that the Lord has allowed us to do in the provinces of Monte Plata and San Pedro De Macoris.
Will you join in praying with us and for us. Pray that the Lord would give us clarity and discernment as to what and which ministry opportunities He would have us partner with.
I am so thankful for the opportunities He has given me over the years with the people in the Dominican Republic and I am very excited about what the future looks like there

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dominican Republic day8

Today started with breakfast with the team, as usual. After breakfast Zach, Elizabeth and I went to a few meetings this morning. With the help of our dear friend, Julio, we were able to make all three meetings and even get pulled over by the police.
Our meetings went really well and I am becoming more and more convinced about what the Lord is doing and Ge continues to affirm what He has birthed in me about possible ministry opportunities here in the Dominican Republic.
After our meetings we headed to Santo Domingo, where we caught up with the rest if the team in the Colonial Zone. We had cafe espresso in one of my favorite places there. We had lunch together at the Hard Rock Cafe and we visited the first church in the Americas, where Natalie was not allowed in because her shorts did not cover her knees (notice the pic of her covering her knees in an attempt to get in)- the guard was actually a pretty cool guy but he still wouldn't allow her in. Needless to say, I slipped in and took a few pics.
Tonight we wrapped things up by having a share time with one another. There is nothing I enjoy better than hearing God's people share about their God ordained gospel moments.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dominican Republic day7

We spent the day today at the #TexasRangers baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. What a great opportunity to watch some great talent. Many of the players we watched today, I am certain we will see again on the big screen. It's always a treat to be able to see this kind of baseball. These kids who are 16-19 are the real deal. They love to compete and for most of them this is their ticket out of the Dominican Republic. They truly have a lot at stake when they play. They know and understand that of they are cut from the academy, it's pretty much over for them. At least in the world of baseball.
After a few hours at the academy, we went and spent the afternoon in Boco Chica. The team is tired and I'm pretty certain ready to head home and see their families and hug their children.
Had a great meeting this evening dreaming about things that may become reality in the near future. I love the hearts of Julio and Mercy, my missionary friends here in the DR. I love their transparency and their willingness to partner with us on some things. I honestly believe the Lord is putting together a very strong team of people who have a deep desire to see the gospel lived out in the lives of the "least of these"
I have a few important meetings in the morning about possible ministry opportunities here in the Dominican. Will you join me in praying for the people I will be meeting with and that the Lord would continue to make it very clear what all He has called us to here in the DR.
We will spend tomorrow in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, which is always fun. Lots of shops to go through and lots of great food and coffee. Hopefully I'll eat at Hard Rock Cafe tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dominican Republic day6

We went to El Cea again today to see the new chickens we had delivered to the coop that we built.
We also did some reconstructing of the coop while we were there. We went ahead and split the coop into several smaller coops. It's actually still one big coop but we divided it into 6 separate sections with 6 different doors. This will allow six different families to raise and nurture their own chickens.
The ladies spent more time with the students and did another session of vbs. At the close of this session, Zach had the opportunity to share the gospel with them. Excited that God is slowing us to be a part of his reconciliation here in the Dominican Republic.
We were also able to distribute the brand and rice that we purchased for the families in the batay. As we were leaving, it began to rain ( I should say pour) and our driver ended up getting stuck on the road on the way out of the batay. I love the fact that our driver has been with us all week, but I can say that his skills driving in mud are less that desirable. 65 dollars later after our rented tractor came to the rescue, we were headed home. We just finished a great pizza dinner with each other,and we have all headed back to our rooms I order to rest ,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dominican Republic day5

Today was yet another great day here in the Dominican Republic. We had breakfast as a team and then Elizabeth, Zach and I went to a meeting with the Conani (hope I spelled that correctly) about future ministry opportunities. The meeting went very well and helped to affirm some of the things we feel like the Lord has pressed upon us to begin.
While we were at the meeting, the rest of the team went to Jumbo(kinda like a Walmart) and purchased beans, rice and some other items for each of the families in the batay called Santa Alicia. This batay is in desperate need of basic food items. It's also one of the batays that we have just started a chicken project in. We are very excited about all that the Lord is allowing us to do.
After buying the beans and rice, which we will deliver tomorrow, we headed to Monte Largo to check on the people there and the water project that we started in December. It was very comforting to know that the water tower is still working. It is there only source of water right now.
We had a great time this evening down on the beach as we grilled and ate dinner together and then spent some time in worship and reflection on all that the Lord has done is us so far.
I love this team. I love their hearts for the gospel. I love all that He is doing and will do.