Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tozer. A.W. ~ Quotes from The Attributes of God ... "God's Infinitude"

I am working through A.W. Tozer's book, "The Attributes of God" on Tuesday mornings with a group of men. Here are a few quotes that I highlighted in my reading this week.

"The church will come out of her doldrums when we find out that salvation is not a light bulb only, that it is not an insurance policy against hell only, but that it is a gateway into God and that God is all that we would have and can desire"

"We mean by infinite that God knows no limits, no bounds, no end. What God is, He is without boundaries. All that God is, He is without bounds, or limits."

"There is nothing boundless but God and nothing infinite but God. God is self-existent and absolute, everything else is contingent and relative"

"God, to be God, must be infinite in all that He is. He must have no bound and no limit, no stopping place, no point beyond which He can't go. When you think of God or anything about God you'll have to think infinitely about God"

"He took pleasure in Himself, in His own perfection and in the perfection of His work. And when it comes to redemption, I repeat that this was not a heavy task laid upon God by moral necessity. God wanted to do this. There was no moral necessity upon God to redeem mankind. He didn't have to send His son Jesus Christ to die for mankind. He sent Him, but at the same time Jesus did it voluntarily."

"The infinite Godhead invites us into Himself to share in all the intimacies of the Trinity. And Christ is the way in"