Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Morning Meditation

Wherever you are going, go in safety, go in peace,
For the Lord your God goes with you,
He knows the path you travel and He knows your destiny.
Whatever you are doing, do it well and with integrity;
For the Lord your God empowers you,
He knows your weaknesses and He knows your strength.
Whenever you work, show your faith in all you do,
For the Lord your God inspires you
He triggers the inner desire to do what is right and good.
However you live, give yourself to others, not yourself;
For the Lord your God will keep you,
He knows your heart and soul, and will never let you down.
Whichever things come to pass, you will be blessed,
For the Lord your God has chosen you
He has promised good for you, and His pledge remains secure.