Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday morning with Cade

I have been sharing with you the notes that my 9th grade daughter has been taking during our series in Hebrews. Today, I want to share the notes my 5th grade, 11 year old son took last week. This is what at least one 11 year old took home from being in worship with his faith family. I love his heart!

Hebrews 10:19-25 Jesus is

First of all remember Jesus is greater than all!!!
Than draw near to Jesus with a TRUE heart.
Don't just draw near with a TRUE heart draw near to Jesus with a PURE heart too.
Draw near fully but NOT with small tiny steps JUMP to Jesus.
Have confidence to walk toward Jesus. Draw toward Jesus because your heart has been sprinkled clean from evil.
Jesus is faithful so encourage one another to meet Jesus
Draw non believers to your relationship of believing of Christ
God created everything in his image and his glory and his love
Help each other to love Christ and do good things
Christ became a servant to his disciples on the night he washed there feet so don't settle for a lifeless thing or idols because God is a god of second chances

Brandon Cade Brown

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prayer of Thanksgiving- Austen

The English novelist Jane Austen wrote this in her Prayer of Thanksgiving

Give us grace to endeavour after a truly Christian spirit to seek to attain that temper of forbearance and patience of which our blessed saviour has set us the highest example; and which, while it prepares us for the spiritual happiness of the life to come, will secure to us the best enjoyment of what this world can give. Incline us oh God! to think humbly of ourselves, to be severe only in the examination of our own conduct, to consider our fellow-creatures with kindness, and to judge of all they say and do with that charity which we would desire from them ourselves. We thank thee with all our hearts for every gracious dispensation, for all the blessings that have attended our lives, for every hour of safety, health and peace, of domestic comfort and innocent enjoyment. We feel that we have been blessed far beyond any thing that we have deserved; and though we cannot but pray for a continuance of all these mercies, we acknowledge our unworthiness of them and implore thee to pardon the presumption of our desires.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is it possible

Another excerpt from A Place At The Table:

"Is it possible- as we learn to live presently, as we seek each day to receive with satisfaction what we need-that we will find God has provided everything we need? I believe so"
 ~Chris Seay, A Place At The Table

Monday, March 5, 2012

Excerpt from, A Place At The Table

I read this today and just wanted to share it. It is an excerpt from Chris Seay's book entitled, A Place At The Table.

"Can we embrace the truths of Christ if we do not embrace His posture? His hands were exposed to disease and leprosy as He touched the sick. His knee bent to the ground to wash the sullied feet of His friends. His eyes lifted in prayer to the Father. His body bowed and was broken in death. As we learn to march in step with our Savior, we find that our swagger gives way to a lowly and humble way of walking.
To be strong Christians, we must embrace weakness. It is when we accept our humanity, when we are humbled by our fallibility, when we live vulnerably, that God is strong within us. Jesus was lowly, humble, even despised. He did not seek comfort. He did not even have a place to lay His head. He had every opportunity to pursue power yet didn't. The world systems and its currency did not hold value for Jesus. He had a vision of a different sort of kingdom"