Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meaghan's Notes

Notes taken by my daughter during the message this past Sunday.

Hebrews 9:15-28
Greater than everything..
New covenant has to do with Jesus and his cleansing (transformation not just behavior modification like the law)
Old covenant had to do with the physical .... Animal sacrifices , physical tent, physical priest... (still only covered the sins of ignorance.... There was no cleansing of the worshippers conscience)
He is the mediator of a new covenant. One that is better and relies upon the transformation we have in Jesus- the perfect spotless lamb.
We can not have forgiveness without the death of Christ, rest in the fact that Jesus has things under control, 'let go and let God'
What you think might not be what Christ has planned for you. Don't 'jump' to soon, God is on his throne he is going to take care of everything, everything that has been put into place, everything that you have put before yourself to be better Christ is better than those things.
He not only just modifies you he transforms you!
When we can't fix something and we are a wreck, God is always there to take control of your problems, Christ has bore all of our sins, we need to let go of the baggage because God has taken it away, stop putting it on.
Just because you do the 'right' thing doesn't mean you are not still going to suffer
And when you suffer you begin to grow..
Christ is the pivotal event of all history ...He is the central event everything relies on him
All things happen because we live in a 'fallen world' things are not perfect. We are going to walk through trials and tribulations.
He is the high priest and he takes everything to the holy father, we should be thankful. When you don't believe that he is greater you begin to settle, which can lead you to temptation
He is the one to rescue you and restore you and redeem you...
Have hope in the Father because he is Greater
When he comes back, everything will be perfect again...he is everything you need
Have hope in the gospel...
REST in the fact that Jesus is Greater, he heals, brings restoration where there is brokenness, and he brings clarity where there is chaos


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meaghan's Notes~ Hebrews 9:1-15

These are the notes my daughter took in church this past Sunday. I always like to look over them and see what is being communicated. I love my daughter's heart for the Lord and her love of the gospel.
Reminder, the notes are taken on a phone so they may be a little hard at times to follow but you should be able to get the basic point.
Hebrews 9
..The earthly holy place
Greater, superior; Christ
The old convent became obsolete and useless..
First five verses, the layout of the tabernacle
Two rooms
First room the holy place-menorah, table of shewbread, alter of incense; gold lap stand Jesus light our way
Second room the holy of Holies-ark of the convent with "szekhinah"
Christ transforms us makes us new makes us holy
tabernacle is just a symbol
Jesus is better greater the reason he came was to walks in flash an to fix everything
Christ entered into the greater and more perfect tabernacle, he is the high priest
We are not perfect but Christ is. we need to be thankful for his perfection
He is still working on us he is calling for us to take out of our life, he is the light of the world the light of our life
He lead us and guides us in his way
We can walk in the freedom f who we are in Jesus, we are not bound not held captive we are able to walk in freedom because when we rest in the promises of God
We need to be feasting on jesus
Taste and see that he is good
Jesus Christ the high priest the spotless lamb took on our sins and paid the price of all of humanity once and for all- he didn't have to do it twice
Feast and rest in him because he intercedes for us. Our redemption is eternal it's been done paid for made right, we don't have to go into to holy place - light candle - change bread out but we should find ourselves resting in front of a holy god because he is the high priest - he is greater than anything
When we give our life's over to something sinful we are saying to Christ that he is not good enough - that what we are leaning towards is better than Christ
He has given us victory eternal victory!
Don't allow the past to beat us down, god has given us victory and has restored us
Don't think that you are not good enough for Christ because we are -because we were created by God.
We don't have to wash and wash , like the old covenant priest- because we can't get rid of it --- only he can
He is victorious over everything
he permits us to be led into the idea of maturity -- leads us to being moved by him
If you have a struggle then don't put yourself into it to make you struggle,
-don't surround yourself with the very thing we struggle with
we need to be able to say NO
If you are questioning your actions that should tell u -- give you an idea that it is not a good idea because it will most likely put you in the very struggle you have
Our high priest has victory of all!
There's a lot of MUD in the world that we just want to role in
Jesus is better he is all you need
Find hope in the gospel
Don't give up on Christ
Remind your self that when you are struggling you will find God and he will fight for you he will win the battle
God is a reckless lover
No where in scripture does it say it will be Easy..
Treasure who Christ is
Rest in him
We can't rest in ourselves..
We are not in control Christ is the one in control of all things
There is only so much that we can do but Christ has won it all, he is victorious!!
Fall on your knees to the holy god and high priest and surrender it all -everything!