Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quote~ J.C. Ryle

It costs something to be a true Christian. Let that never be forgotten. To be a mere nominal Christian, and go to church, is cheap and easy work. But to hear Christ’s voice, and follow Christ, and believe in Christ, and confess Christ, requires much self-denial. It will cost us our sins, and our self-righteousness, and our ease, and our worldliness. All- all must be given up. We must fight an enemy who comes against us with twenty thousand followers. We must build a tower in troubled times. Our Lord Jesus Christ would have us thoroughly understand this. He bids us “count the cost.”

~ J.C. Ryle

Monday, November 15, 2010

Neighborhood event raises food for Helping Hands

Here is an article about our Food Drive in the community. Thanks @GFchurch for being the church on mission!!

Neighborhood event raises food for Helping Hands

By JIM HARDINHerald-Banner

Rockwall County — A Royse City Church held a neighborhood-based food drive Saturday to help Helping Hands of Rockwall County restock its food shelves.

Signs in Royse City led to a residence on Mockingbird Street. And in the home’s driveway were several boxes of food and another sign promoting the food drive.

Donna Webb, who hosted the food drive at her residence, said the food drive was sponsored as a community event by Gateway Fellowship Church.

Few Royse City residents dropped off food, so church members started going door-to-door. Webb said that effort was more productive.

“We’re doing this to provide a service to the community and to meet the community,” Webb said.

Several families from the church helped Webb and her husband, Max, with the project.

Here is the link to the article in the Herald Banner

Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010~RightNow Conference session2

JR Vassar
The Sacred Call To Work

Ephesians 6: 5-9

....How does this change our view about work
....How we work as those who supervised other as well as being supervised by someone else
....Work was given to us before the fall

What is God's vision for work

People spend the most of their time in their workplaces
We must disciple them to use their workplace as a mission field

1. Identity is not in a position but in a person
..... We are bond-slaves to Jesus
.... We are someone because of who we are in Him not what we do

2. Work is worship
.... But you are not called to worship your work
.... We are called to work as doing everything as unto the Lord
..... No matter what you do, or whatever task you are given.. do as unto the lord
..... Work is sacred ... Do not preach the word if you are called to serve tables..... Do not serve tables if you have been called to preach the word ---- The Disciples had that one right!!

What are the implications?

1. Your work needs to be good work
... For work to be good it has an upward, inward and outward dimension

2. Your work needs to have proper motivation
..... Define the "win" in your work
..... must see that the Lord is the one we are ultimately serving
1a. Doing your work from the heart (integrity, diligent, and with excellence )
2b..Treat those who you work with, with Gospel humility
.... Treat others with dignity, love, and respect
.... The Gospel levels everyone and lifts everyone
3c. Work mindful of what the reward is in HIM
... Believe the Gospel
.... You will have no regrets

3. Work is a Gospel opportunity
.... Whatever you do as a vocation do it as a witness of the Gospel- adorn your work with the Gospel
..... Every portion of your life is brought under subjection of the Gospel

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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November 12, 2010~RightNow Conference.... Breakout

David Kinnaman
From Unchristian to Christian

What we need to do in order to gain the attention of those who are unchristian


Teach the high standard of image-bearing to which Christ holds believers

Romans 2:24
Matthew 23:13
Matthew 5:16
John 17:23

Restore a proper theology of insiders an outsiders

Colossians 4: 5-6
1 Corinthians 5: 9-13

Rediscover the deeper meaning of the "offense" of the Gospel

Galatians 2:13 and 5:11
Luke 15

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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November 12, 2010~RightNow Conference session1

JR Vassar
Depending on the Holy Spirit

Don't settle for the results of the work of your flesh

Don't let intimidation lead you into imitation

We must rely on the Holy Spirit
John 20:19

You need the same resources
.... The presence an the purpose of the Holy Spirt
.... In Jesus' incarnation He became reliant upon the Holy Spirt

The people of God have to be dependent on the Holy Spirit to be a prophetic, priestly, people of God

God has to be intimate and in you rather than just among you

This is the promise of the new covenant

Our default is manufacturing ministries in the church - imitation
.....Imitation slays creativity

What would I look like if we began to experience the Spirit in similar ways as Jesus did with similar affects

1. Experience a confirmation of our sonship
2. Prompting toward ministry and an empowerment for ministry
.... Are we responding to the prompting of the Spirt
.... What are we forfeiting on the other side of the prompting by not responding to the Spirit

There must be an expectancy in our hearts for what He wants for us, what He want to do to us, and what He want to do through us
.... It is about posture!

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010~RightNow Conference session2

Tim Ross
Too Much Information

John 4:

Jesus had an assignment to reveal Himself to those around Him. A brief but very profound ministry. His own people would not listen so He goes elsewhere. He gets weary and rests at the well.
Physical well- spiritual well

As leaders for us to reach people we have to be able communicate about something we both now
.... Meet them on their turf

..... The story unfolds:: they are both thirsty but thirsty for something different .... Literal vs spiritual

Water here is the common denominator between them both

....Starts off with something natural and then gets personal

It is all about relationship
.... Move past religion

You have had 5 husbands and the one you are with now is not your husband but I don't care

Look at the disciples.. The religious people are questioning themselves on why He is talking to her

We can't try to push people into a relationship with Jesus through the eyehole of Religion

She runs to the village and tells everyone about the man that just told me everything about my life and didn't care

... We must release people from our own perception of what we think people are gonna think about them
.... We must release people into relationship rather than into religion
.... Why do we think He does not call us to be vulnerable
.... Ministry calls us to give Too Much Information
..... We need to run back to the community and scream "Come See A Man" who loves me
..... People want to connect to those who know about them but still love them
..... This women had to perform for 6 men until she met The Man who loved her for who she is

We must release people from the shame of their past

He loves us right where we are

Grace is more promiscuous than any prostitute
Grace will get with anyone!!

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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November 11, 2010~RightNow Conference breakout2

Mac Lake and Michael Lukaszewski
Keys to planting healthy, thriving churches

1. New churches have to rely on God
.... Not on anything else
.... You have to rely on God, not your talent

2. New churches must develop new leaders
..... Growing churches have growing leaders
..... Healthy churches have healthy leaders

The habits of your core group will become the culture of your church

3. New churches have to develop strong systems
..... Missional
..... Discipleship
..... Leadership
...... Accountability

People are drawn to places that life change is happening

Capitalize on the power of Story

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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November 11, 2010~RightNow Conference....breakout1

Matt Carter
Reaching the college student, 20's and 30's

There is a huge demographic that is missing from our church in America 18-35yr olds

Principles that the Austin Stone is applying to the church in order to reach that generation

You must lift up the name of Jesus in all that you do
He must be the star of all that we do

The way your church worships may attract people but it will not keep them

First reason they stay is the Preaching, teaching and doctrine is what keeps people

..... Teach the Word
..... Teach doctrine but do so in a way that people will understand
..... Teach all of the Word
..... Challenge with the Word
..... Transparency is crucial. It is okay for them to see you being real
..... Give people a chance to not be okay

Get your mind around the Gospel
.....Teach them to fall in love with Jesus and let Him work through you
..... Are we teaching the Gospel or self righteousness

Second reason they stay is because we get them on mission

.... They want to be in the fight
.... They want to Christianity that is displayed in the book of Acts
...... They need to be released into service
...... They want to make a difference.
..... They hate injustice and want to be a part of making a difference

We must challenge our people to give their lives away for the cause of Christ

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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November 11, 2010~ RightNow Conference session1

Pete Briscoe
The Mystery Of It All

Ephesians 3
Ephesians 6

What did Paul trade in his life for?

1. He traded for Christ
....I am an apostle of Christ, I am a minister of Christ
Paul was a Christ intoxicated man
He traded in the law of Judaism for the person of Christ
2. He traded for Grace
.... The administration of grace
.... We must be stewards of grace
.... We embrace it, receive it, and give it
3. He traded for the mystery
.... The mystery made known to me by revelation
.... Christ in which everything is found
.... Christ indwelling me which is the hope of glory
.... Christ in me, Christ in us
4. He traded for the church
.... The dynamic of Christ in us is real and unique
.... The church takes Christ to the world
.... Christ in us the hope of glory
5. He traded for ministry
.... Servant of the Gospel
.... God by his grace has given me the gift of ministry
.... Ministry is not our gift to God. It is his gift to us

We must become Christ intoxicated people
We must become messengers of the mystery

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010~RightNow session4 (Pre Conference)

Matt Carter
Moving "small groups" to "Missional communities"

We can never allow our churches to fall in live with the mission more that the Savior

You can not fall more in live with mission than Jesus

Ephesians 4:11 and 16

What causes the body of Christ to grow?
.... Each part has to work properly

The body of Christ in America is not growing therefore we have to realize that all of it's parts are not working properly

What does the Gospel look like when it works and walks through our lives?

What are we really trying to achieve?

There is a growing sense of restlessness in the laity of the church

18-30 year olds are not okay with sitting on the sidelines of ministry. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

They want to know when they can get into the fight.

We must equip and empower them to DO and to be SENT

If your church is preaching the Word of God and the people are on mission- it will grow

Question:: if my church grew by thousands, would my city really change?

It would if we equipped them and sent them into the neighborhoods and community- that is when change occurs

Jesus' church growth model was to take 12 ordinary guys. He equipped them, trained them and released them

Is it possible to attract people and release them?
..... It is!
.... Move from community groups to Missional Communities
..... Don't just come together to pray and eat but come together with the goal in mind to really be Missional in our community

1. Changes definition of success for small group
.... Has the group of people moved from just meeting together to engaging missionally in the community
........... "there is nothing that fosters community better than mission"
2. Change how we train and disciple leaders
...... Train them to think and act like missionaries
3. Raise the bar for the groups
...... Challenge them to do huge things
....... Scripture tells us that the power of the resurrection resides within those who are sitting in our churches... Release them!

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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November 10, 2010~ RightNow Session3 (Pre Conference)

Mac Lake
Mentoring Made Easy

why we should mentor

1. It is Biblical
.... We have to think generationally
.... We have to recruit for vision not need
..... We must have a leadership development culture

2. It is the best method of transformation

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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November 10, 2010-Rightnow session2 (Pre Conference)

Dr. Larry Osborne
Sticky Church: slamming your back door

The people we have are tools to be used
.... Shepherd the flock God has entrusted to you

We can not overlook the ones who are struggling in the flock

Assimilation and retention (sticky church)
....assimilation equals getting people to come back and get them into a program (vital first step but not a place of connection)
....retention equals getting people to stay (goal is lifelong relationship)

Question:: what are we doing relationally in our small groups as well as what we are doing missionaly

Our groups have to be highly Missional but relational as well
.... Are we creating tight family relationships
.... People have to learn to be vulnerable not "friendly"
Example....how are you? .... I am fine (when really they are not)
..... Friendly does not equal connection
Many people will be friendly by will not connect

Churches have to be birthing centers
.... People need to grow and be nurtured
.... People stay where there is growth

We can not think that just because we are friendly that we are connected

Question... Are we really connecting and becoming sticky?
Or are we just acting friendly

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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November 10, 2010~ RightNow session1 (Pre Conference)

Dr. Larry Osborne
The Church Has Left The Building
~the transforming power of a church-wide weekend of service

2 keys to reaching our culture today::
- authenticity
- Bono factor= what are you doing for someone else?

How do we mobilize the congregation to get out and serve the community?
-small groups have to model
-church wide service of serving in the community

Luke 10: 1-20
A weekend of service

1. They went as his advance team to a specific place- verse1
2. They went with a specific cause- verse 2-9
3. They returned with joy -verse 17-20

Points to ponder::

Before they went out to serve Jesus thinned the herd

They were sent out Not just to do good deeds

They were sent out to be the advance team so that the people would be willing to accept Jesus, when He came

They focused on those who were opened to their message

Poverty, injustice and disease are not life's biggest problem. Eternity is!

Practical App::
1. Be sure you are asking what is our purpose and how will we measure success?
2. How can we make this a great experience for everyone?
3. How can we institutionalize good intentions?

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"I Had No Shirt"

While reading through John Piper's book "Let The Nations Be Glad: The Supremacy of God in Missions", I came across this excerpt and I wanted to share it. On page 103 it states:

"It is almost impossible for Americans to come to terms with Jesus' commendation of the widow who "out of her poverty put in all she had to live on"(Luke 21:4). To see this spirit fleshed out, we may have to leave America and go elsewhere. Stanford Kelly illustrates it from Haiti.
The church was having a Thanksgiving festival, and each Christian was invited to bring a love offering. One envelope from a Haitian man named Edmund held $ 13. That amount was three month's income for a working man there. Kelly was as surprised as those counting a Sunday offering in the United States might be to get a $ 6,000 cash gift. He looked around for Edmund but could not see him.
Later Kelly met him in the village and questioned him. He pressed him for an explanation and found that Edmund had sold his horse in order to give the $ 13 gift to God. But why hadn't he come to the festival? He hesitated and didn't want to answer. Finally, Edmund said, "I had no shirt to wear"

.... I am not sure anything else needs to be said!