Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010~RightNow Conference session2

JR Vassar
The Sacred Call To Work

Ephesians 6: 5-9

....How does this change our view about work
....How we work as those who supervised other as well as being supervised by someone else
....Work was given to us before the fall

What is God's vision for work

People spend the most of their time in their workplaces
We must disciple them to use their workplace as a mission field

1. Identity is not in a position but in a person
..... We are bond-slaves to Jesus
.... We are someone because of who we are in Him not what we do

2. Work is worship
.... But you are not called to worship your work
.... We are called to work as doing everything as unto the Lord
..... No matter what you do, or whatever task you are given.. do as unto the lord
..... Work is sacred ... Do not preach the word if you are called to serve tables..... Do not serve tables if you have been called to preach the word ---- The Disciples had that one right!!

What are the implications?

1. Your work needs to be good work
... For work to be good it has an upward, inward and outward dimension

2. Your work needs to have proper motivation
..... Define the "win" in your work
..... must see that the Lord is the one we are ultimately serving
1a. Doing your work from the heart (integrity, diligent, and with excellence )
2b..Treat those who you work with, with Gospel humility
.... Treat others with dignity, love, and respect
.... The Gospel levels everyone and lifts everyone
3c. Work mindful of what the reward is in HIM
... Believe the Gospel
.... You will have no regrets

3. Work is a Gospel opportunity
.... Whatever you do as a vocation do it as a witness of the Gospel- adorn your work with the Gospel
..... Every portion of your life is brought under subjection of the Gospel

Trent Brown, Lead Pastor
Gateway Fellowship

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