Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Reflections

- We had an awesome day at church today
- We had an amazing time of worship
- We had a great all church Thanksgiving meal today
- Once again, we had a host of new people join us for worship today
- Praying for some really cool things that are happening in the life of our church
- Held the 3rd annual Turkey Bowl. Yes, the staff was victorious again
- Praying for a dear family that we visited in the hospital today. The family is dealing with a tragedy that hit their lives this morning. The was a major car accident that left the Grandmother dead, the Grandfather in critical condition, two twins, the age of 14, still being cared for and going through surgeries and another Senior boy who is still in critical condition

- I love our Church
- I love our people
- I love the fact that God is moving in and through us
- I love that He is not done with us

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