Friday, November 7, 2008

next level

I loved this post from BCoop:

Perry listed 4 keys to evolving to the next level of ministry leaders:

1) Understand ministry is WORK. Isaiah 57:14

a) Am I a team player?

b) Is there anything in my life that would disqualify me from ministry… or that i need to change?

c) How Thankful am I?

d) How is my relationship with others on staff?

e) Am i REALLY honest with others about what is going on in my spiritual journey?

2) Understand that Status Quo is unacceptable-

-Lack of attention to detail & Apathy are the quickest keys to recognizing Status Quo exist.

a) How’s my personal Passion Level? Isaiah 59:17

b) Is God pleased with my performance? (loved this one! Cut through the BS of smoke-blowing and be honest! What if God was giving us our performance evaulation! B/c in the end HE DOES!)

3) Understand that it’s OUR JOB to BEG GOD for Him to move!

a) How active is the Holy Spirit in my life and in my work?

b) When is the last time i clearly heard from God? (if we cannot remember then it might be time for us to find another job and stop faking it.)

c) How much are we praying as a team and a staff? Isaiah 62:6

4) Understand we’ve got to believe greater days are yet to come! Isaiah 54:2-3

a) God has made His Church UNSTOPPABLE!

b) God has made His Church UNEXPLAINABLE!

c) God has made His Church UNDENIABLE!


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