Friday, November 14, 2008

Matt Chandler @ LeadNow

Matt Chandler @ Lead Now

How can we be obediant today in our churches

1. The old story must die and a new one embraced (freedom and authenticity)
~ It is okay not to be okay
~ The church must fight the indifference to the needs of the world as if we are figthing for our lives

2. We need to work on Christian Unity

3. Training and Discipleship
~ Teach people what cultural practices are ok to be embraced
~ Teach people what cultural practices are needed to be avoided

4. Community
~ We have to create a culture that is Biblical
~ It has to be organic

5. Preaching and Teaching
~ It must be Christ centered
~ God can't be what you want Him to be because you think it might be offensive to some. He is who He says He is. You do not decide what is wrong or right

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