Friday, November 14, 2008

Erwin McManus @ LeadNow

Erwin McManus @ LeadNow

3 distinct spaces in which we tend to journey together

1. FIRST SPACE~ This is our space. We invite you to come into it. We are the majority.

~ We have the right to be heard(it is our space)

2. SECOND SPACE ~ This is the everyday space. The place we are supposed to live daily. It is our natural world

~ You have to earn the right to be heard

in the marketplace

3. THIRD SPACE ~ This is the space that you can only go when they invite you in and now you are the outsider.

~ We have to find a way to get invited to the table

Paul went to these places

~ Acts 17:16-

Are we willing to risk leaving the first space to live daily in the second space, hoping to get invited into the third space.

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